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Ants Ants and more Ants

Residential and Commercial Ant Treatments

Ants are everywhere during the warmer months. If you’ve got an infestation, use Bargain Pest Control. Our technicians will investigate,identify your ants, then use a range of powerful treatments to deal with them efficiently and effectively using the latest professional techniques

and products. Once the ants have been dealt with, you can implement precautions to stop them coming back.

Common Ant Questions

  • Why choose professional ant control rather than Do It Yourself.

Our highly skilled technicians regularly research. train and undertake courses to keep their ant knowledge and practices to the highest standard. That means they’re aware of the latest and most environmentally friendly products and procedures that will get you the best results.

We also have and use specialised equipment and products labelled for registered pest control use only. The products often used together. these are only available to registered pest controllers.

  • What damage can ants cause?

Ants look unsightly and can cause damage to structures and people. They may spoil food and invade wall cavities, electrical equipment and roof voids. While they don’t carry disease themselves, they can traffic dirt and other unhygienic substances. They can also bite! They nest in large colonies, an infestation can quickly become a problematic. Ants in a structure may set up colonies in wet wood and cause significant damage as well as causing electrical failures to the house and appliances.

  • Where and when are ants most active?

Cold blooded Ants love the warm and high humidity. Ant populations generally increase with warmer climates and the level of humidity; or you’ll see them in winter as they invade your house to take shelter. However, the main reason they’re in your house is for food and supplies! Your kitchen is a prime location for an infestation.

  • What are the signs of an infestation?

There are usually little sign of an infestation – until you see them! Ants are tiny and hide in crevices until they come out to hunt for food or water. There are likely multiple access points in your house which you’ll need to seal. Our treatment will also help keep them away for a long period of time.

  • What are ants attracted to?

Ants are looking for a warm temperature and moisture. This is why they love kitchens. Any spillages of water, juice or sugary drinks should be wiped up immediately – ants love sweetness and are attracted by the smell of honey and sugar. It’s also important to store food in the fridge and seal packets of food.

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